History in the Making

8 May

As we all know, Obama* is now President of these here States (and the Commonwealths, too). I decided to head on up to D.C. for his inauguration. Michelle tagged along (and drove). It was cold, cold and we left before the sun even thought about rising but it was worth it. The day was amazing and inspiring and fully stocked with port-a-potties.

That’s right, that clock says 5:05 a.m. 5:05 a.m., people!! Which means I got up somewhere in the 4 o’clock hour. My hair and make-up are done, I’m dressed in my thermals and my pearls are on; I am ready to go.

From Inauguration 2009

The crowd of people we had to wade through to get to the Metro actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be –

From Inauguration 2009

Michelle and I on the Obama Train –

From Inauguration 2009

Hoo-ray for my camera’s zoom feature –

From Inauguration 2009

The wall of port-a-potties –

A sea of people –

From Inauguration 2009

That’s Bush’s ride, coming to pick him up and take him out of D.C.

From Inauguration 2009

Back at the Metro in Springfield. My boots were covered in dirt from the Mall.

From Inauguration 2009

Michelle and I stopped at the Olive Garden at Potomac Mills to grab something to eat. It felt good to just sit and relax. And to eat and drink something.

It was a long day. And I’d do every second of it over again in a heartbeat.

*Sometimes I forget that Obama is his last name. Seriously, sometimes I can’t even remember what his first name is. Like now for instance. Drawing a total blank…

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