Chip, Lady Grey and Rice Krispies

4 Aug

They say it takes 21 days form a habit. I beg to differ. I think it only takes a week. One week, that’s how long it took my rice krispie treat/cup of lady grey tea habit to form.

Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, I require a snack. Instead of munching on popcorn (which just gets stuck on my teeth) or a 100 calorie snack pack or whatever, I’ve been having a cup of tea. It’s a nice little ritual. Also, my teacup, Chip, is adorable and I like to see it on my desk. (I named my teacup Chip because there’s a chip in it. Very Beauty and the Beast, non?)

So Lady Grey and I have been going for a little while now and then came along the Rice Krispie treat. A co-worker/friend had a stash in her desk and one afternoon I made the mistake of eating one with my cup of tea. I am now hooked. It’s like call and response. I taste the Lady Grey tea and I immediately want a Rice Krispie treat. Marco! Polo! Grey! Krispie! It’s really the best little afternoon snack ever. And did I mention that my teacup, Chip, is adorable?


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