A whole lotta nothing

10 Aug

Remember how I was going to do this? Well that didn’t work out. But I had already cleared the time off so I decided to go ahead with my day and a half off as planned. Did I have a list of things to do while off? Of course I did. Did I get any of it done? Of course not.

Let’s start with what could have been. I could have: cleaned my apartment, taken the recycling to the recycling center, gone for a walk, gone to the grocery store, painted the various pieces of furniture that need to be painted, caught up on some writing, gone over bills, taken those donations to the Goodwill, finished my art corner (more about that later), cleaned up my desk area, called some people to catch up on their lives, sunbathed and/or washed my car.

What actually happened was more along the lines of: napping (a lot), reading (3.5 books), getting dressed Saturday afternoon and going out only to drive 2 blocks and turn back around, ventured out for real Saturday night to see The Big Lebowski at Movieland with Sandy, a couple of showers, checked the mailbox, made sure Caitlin and Josh had locked their door (they asked me to check), made some meals, drank a lot of tea and watched some movies.

That’s a pretty long post about a weekend full of a whole lotta nothing. Oh well.


One Response to “A whole lotta nothing”

  1. mymilkglassheart August 11, 2009 at 7:11 pm #

    ahahah… story of my life!

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