February 14th

14 Feb

Saint Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s Day.  V-Day.  Singles Awareness Day (“SAD”).  The Day We Shall Not Call by Name.  Whatever you call February 14th it is the day of pink and red and hearts and flowers and candies.

Personally, I love, love, love the day.  It’s my favorite holiday (and yes, it’s a holiday, leave me alone).  It’s been my favorite holiday for a while.  I don’t really know when it started, but there you have it.  The funny thing about it being my favorite holiday is that I have been single forever.  That all changed in September 2009.  September 2009 was when I met and started dating Dan.  But before I was with Dan I was single and enjoyed V-Day all by myself.  I would buy myself a little something expensive (or not, depending on finances), take myself to a movie, grab some take-out from somewheres and hang out at home.  I also decorate for V-Day.  It’s entirely possible that I have more decorations for V-Day than I do for Christmas.

For our first V-Day together, Dan and I are visiting Blacksburg.  There’s a plan of trolling around B’burg to check it out and going out to dinner.  Something low-key.  Maybe we’ll go catch a movie and keep my V-Day tradition alive… assuming we can agree on a movie.

If you don’t have anything to do then you should check out these links.  Seriously, go read!

Here’s what Wiki has to say about the day

The History Channel’s history of Valentine’s Day

{wanna know who took this picture? then click on it!}

UPDATE:  The movie tradition lives on!  Dan surprised me by taking me the movie theater in Christiansburg (‘cuz that’s where the movie theater is in those parts) to see Valentine’s Day.  It was an awesome surprise, because 1) yay! the movie tradition lives on, 2)  I know for a fact he had no desire to see that movie, 3) it was super thoughtful of him, and 4) I really wanted to see that movie.


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