Blacksburg! Blacksburg! Blacksburg!

1 Mar

Valentine’s Day weekend the boyfriend and I went to Blacksburg.  We both had Monday off from work so it seemed like the perfect time to go.  And it was.  I already talked about what we did for Valentine’s Day.  Now it is time to talk about our actual trip.  Let’s do so through pictures (Or you could just go check out my Blacksburg Flickr set. It’s whatevs).

I have my purse and a magazine and comfy clothes. Let’s travel!

I took a lot of pictures like this. I don’t see mountains very often. Seriously there’s like seven pictures of just interstate travel over on my Flickr account.

We, of course, drove around campus while checking out Blacksburg (a.k.a. Home of the Hokies).

This is the sports something or another. It’s between the basketball and football stadium. I just wanted a picture VT.

Dan has Hokie pride

Dan and I on the steps of basketball stadium

Even the buses have Hokie Pride

We stopped at TCBY and it was the best

This cracked me up. TCBY was choking the Hokie bird out with a string of hearts.

Ate at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. I still think that Hooter’s wings are better. It was good though. And as Dan can tell you, I got all kinds of messy.

Us at the movie surprise. We’re kind of orange because of bad lightening in the theater and *someone* cut me off after two tries for a good picture.

It was snowing when we left.

Dan’s car’s green guy (according to Dan: His name is Cthulhu, and he thinks you will make a nice sandwich) kept us safe on our journey. (He’s like Dan’s geek version of St. Christopher.)

More of that Blacksburg snow. Glad I wasn’t driving.

We stopped at a gas station and this coolness was going on.

The drive back to Richmond was pretty. And mountainy.

I look forward to returning to Blacksburg (hopefully in the spring when I can see the actual ground). Next time I want to eat at Macado’s. I’ve heard good things.


2 Responses to “Blacksburg! Blacksburg! Blacksburg!”

  1. homeslice March 1, 2010 at 8:22 pm #

    i actually know who chtulu is. i’m impressed. anyway the pictures were all kinds of awesome and you are gorgeous as always. i miss you guys.

    • irandless March 2, 2010 at 12:33 am #

      no, no. i’m impressed that you know who chtulu is. are you a bigger nerd than you let on??

      thanks! miss you, too!

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