Sometimes a song is just a song. Sometimes it’s so much more.

9 Mar

Sometimes it’s just something to hum along to.  Sometimes it’s just fluff and meaningless, just noise in the background.

But sometimes it’s a reminder of something/someone you’re missing/love/forgot.  Sometimes it’s an eye (ear?) opener.  Sometimes it’s the thing that you are feeling/thinking/needing.  Sometimes it’s the truth you couldn’t admit to until you heard that music/lyric.  Sometimes a song is everything.

I count a handful of songs as my everything songs.  Songs that make me think of my deceased brother, Greg.  Songs that make me think of a certain wonderful/horrible time in my life.  A song that I know reminds my mom of her beloved dog, Katie, and therefore makes me think of my mom and Katie.  A song that made me see that I was being a twat and to give love a chance.  A song that showed me that loving someone and letting someone love you isn’t as bad as all that and totally worth the risk.  A song that makes me think having children while my grandparents and parents are alive to meet them is a good idea.  I could go on, but I’ll stop there.  (So maybe not a handful of songs.  More like a bucketful.)

The latest song in my bucket of everything songs is Lady Antebellum’s Hello World.  That song just… makes you want to wake up and look around and be grateful for being alive.  Even if you don’t believe in God or god or little white churches, this song makes you want to believe.  Charles Kelley’s voice, the arrangement, the swell of drums and strings towards the end all add to this song’s greatness.  It’s simple.  It’s lovely. It’s an everything song, for sure.

Lady A hasn’t released this song as a single so there’s no official video, but a YouTuber put this together.  Enjoy!


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