I Have Houseplants. Someone Alert the Presses.

10 Mar

I have such a bad history with plants that my dad has been known to buy me fake flowers.  Seriously.  So imagine my surprise when I brought a peace lily back to life.  (Note to readers: If peace lilys are easy to bring back from death and I actually did no great feat, keep it to yourself.  Please and thank you.)  The peace lily is on my desk at work and has come a long way from when it was passed on to me.  I never had any intention of getting another plant.  I figured I was pressing my luck with the one.  Then blah blah blah… I have lots of houseplants now!  Wanna see??


{the one on the left is a pretty little pink and green number.  the one in the middle just looked cool, all tall and slender. the one of the right is the one I saved from a friend.)

{an up close and personal shot of the pink and green plant}

{an up close and personal shot of the tall and slender plant}

{and, finally, the plant I saved from death – she has pretty peachy/pinky flowers (my mom told me this plant’s name but i totally forgot what she said. hi, mom!)}

I haven’t named all my lovely plants yet, but I will eventually. 

Oh, and in case you want to know about houseplants and which ones are the top 10 air purifiers, I found this handy dandy little article.  I didn’t really think about that, I just wanted something pretty and alive sitting around my apartment.


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    […] Houseplants. This is craziness. Remember when I told y’all about the houseplants I now have (despite my unclean history with living plants)?  Well, apparently I am forging ahead even more.  […]

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