Stealing Things (Or, Thrift Store Shopping)

6 Apr

When I shop at thrift stores I feel like I’m stealing. I’m totally paying what they ask, but what they ask for most of that stuff is soooo little. It makes me feel guilty. For example, I went thrifting a few weeks ago at the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Hermitage Rd. and bought the following items:

{two cardies, a 3/4 sleeve shirt, capris}

{an ashtray. more about this later.}

and, last but not least!

{a garment bag}

I purchased all of those items for just under 17 bucks! 17 bucks! I would have spent that much (if not more) on just one of those cardies. Or the garment bag.

Let’s talk about the garment bag for a second. I love the garment bag. Dan and I had just been discussing how we needed one (I think it was more me saying it to him and him agreeing). The garment bag was $3.99. $3.99!! If I had purchased that brand new $3.99 would not have covered the sales tax.

{see?! $3.99!}

So, about the ashtray. This item caught my eye as I was making my way up to the register. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. The ashtray became home to the paper clips on my desk.

{doesn’t it look adorbs sitting on the corner of my desk with those pretty flowers?}

While I was there I also snapped a few pictures of stuff that someone else needs to snap up.

{These chairs are fabulous!! If I didn’t already have Napoleon chairs that I love and adore I would’ve bought these. The room I would need in my tiny apartment for them is a whole other issue.}

{Stool anyone? The stools I have are falling apart and I need new ones, but these are too tall for my bar area. They were super cheap, though!}

{I don’t know what the makers of this were thinking when they made this but I think it would be great in a foyer. Paint it and change that fabric out. It could be super fabulous!}

{I’m not really a fan of the table itself, but those chairs are awesome! Spray paint those things some bold color (Kelley green perhaps?) and they would look amazing!!}

Happy Stealing Thrifting!


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