More Houseplants. This is craziness.

9 May

Remember when I told y’all about the houseplants I now have (despite my unclean history with living plants)?  Well, apparently I am forging ahead even more.  It all started with Dionaea muscipula.

Why venus flytraps?  Here’s why.  Because the bf and I have two different views on house guests of the winged variety (and eight legged variety).  He’s more of the sorry-little-fella-but-you-don’t-belong-here-let-me-take-you-back-outside kind of guy.  I am more of the OMG-there-is-a-creature-in-the-house-kill-it-kill-it-and-kill-it-now-!-! kind of girl.  So, he suggested we get a venus flytrap.  I was all for it.

So, we hit up the Short Pump location of Strange’s Garden Center.  While we were there we came across some other plants we decided would make a lovely addition to our home.  I have pictures (cause when do I not?).

Dan picked out this guy.  I really like it and the pot he picked for it.

I picked out this lovely baby plant.  At the time of this photo it had yet to be potted and was just hanging out in the pot, getting its bearings.  Don’t you love the color of the pot with the color on the tip of the leaves?  I’m hoping it grows up to look like this one day.

And I picked up this cute little cactus.  I never really thought about owning a cactus before, but it’s pink and green so I couldn’t not buy it.

Oh and we also picked up the Dionaea muscipula we went for in the first place.  Here’s hoping it welcomes all unwelcome house guests.

So, what kind of houseplants do you have?

2 Responses to “More Houseplants. This is craziness.”

  1. Dionaea muscipula May 9, 2010 at 7:08 pm #

    Om nom nom!

  2. Lara May 10, 2010 at 11:12 am #

    Love the new plants and the pot choices! I left most of my plants at my parents’ house but took the gigantic umbrella tree plant with me. You really can’t kill them, they get huge and they’re easy to prune when they get leggy. Every place you cut will make it branch off twice.

    My corn plant is about 6 feet tall now but I hate how the tips get brown all the time, with the slightest environment change or forgetting to water.

    I have a huge swiss cheese plant that I rescued for $10 from Ukrops. It was on it’s last leg and now it’s taking over my parents’ computer room.

    Speaking of, I need to water my plants! 🙂

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