Amy Butler, I <3 You

10 May

In my Googling for all things sewing related, I came across the cutest fabric again and again.  It didn’t occur to me to care about who made it, I just liked it.  Then I came across a purse pattern that I thought even I, novice beginner that I am, could whip up.  I noticed the name Amy Butler in a lot of message board posts.  And noticed that I had seen her name attached to some of those fabrics I liked so much.  So I Googled her to find out what all the ruckus was about. 

Now I know.  And now I wonder how I could not have known before.  This is Amy Butler

My love for her is fresh, about 2 or 3 weeks new.  And then I heard rumblings on my shelter blogs that she was coming out with a wallpaper line.  And then I came across this post on Making it Lovely (which I promptly tweeted about even though I’m pretty sure no one who follows me on Twitter cared about). 

And THEN I came across these two posts about it – Apartment Therapy and on Design*Sponge

If you’re interested in buying some wallpaper (which would make me totally green-eyed) go to Graham & Brown’s website.


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