There once was a weather cake

28 May

{the beginning}

{we’ve got tornados, sunshine, pretty flowers, seagulls, and cows!}

{do you know what all the weather symbols mean?*}

{the graphics on the sides and front are courtesy of Mr. Dickerson}

Isn’t it the coolest?  It was the hottest thing in town Saturday night.  (Were those puns intended or not intended? We’ll never know.)

The cake was made by this lovely duo

When we were talking about creating the weather cake I kept saying “and we’ll make the cakes blah blah blah” when I should have said “and we’ll decorate store-bought cakes blah blah blah.”  Cristina thought we were actually going to bake them.  Um, no.  I cannot bake.  And why should I when the fine folks over at Ukrop’s do?  The sheet cake is a half chocolate, half vanilla cake and the sun is a velvet fudge cake.  Both purchased here

Pictures of the actual party can be found here and here.

*Did you get any right?  Here are the answers: warm front; cold front; stationary front; thunder, no lightning; sleet; tornado.

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