Sewing: Potential Projects

18 Jun

First up we have the easy 1-2-3 tote.  I have recently discovered and am in love.  She did a post about a twenty-minute tote that looks so simple I think I just might be able to pull it off.

Here’s a tote that’s a little more complicated (to me anyways) than the first one.

I have a dream.  A dream of sewing a quilt.  The problem is this: I don’t like the standard looking quilts.  They’re just not my thing.  But I could be down with doing something like this.

This dish cover is just brilliant and is making me want to hit up the thrift store for some old shirts.

I really want to make this pouf! They’re so expensive to buy, I just can’t spend that much on something I’m going to put my feet on.

I took a trip to IKEA with some friends not too long ago and bought a pack of dish towels.  Then, a few days later, I saw this DIY on Design*Sponge.  It was the IKEA dish towels sewn together to make a tablecloth.  I’ve actually linked to it before but that was pre-sewing machine.  My head exploded a little when I saw the tablecloth.

Also, if you are a lady and are thinking about starting your own business then you should read this advice.

Before I close this post out, let’s talk about knitting for a minute.  My friend Elizabeth has started a blog about her knitting skillz.  She is super talented and the one that taught me to knit*.  Check her blog out, she’s done some great stuff.

* Elizabeth’s skillz should in no way be judged by my knitting inabilities.


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