Life, it is calming down

9 Aug

Thank you to those of you that reassured me that all would be well again.  You were right.  I knew you were right, but it’s hard to agree with logic when you’re in the middle of crazy land. 

The unpacking is coming along  quite nicely.  Dan has been doing stuff during the day and I did some stuff this weekend so I could say I helped, too.  We can finally walk through the front room.  The kitchen is done, unless I find yet another surprise box of kitchen items.  Bookshelves and media stuff are where they’ll go.  Couches and dressers and beds are where they will go.  Dan ordered a new desk for his office (to go with the snazzy new desk chair he purchased recently) the other day with a Tuesday delivery date.  I just got an excited text from him that it’s in Louisville.  All of my craft/office nook stuff is in the correct area I just need to spend a couple of hours sorting out where it all fits.  Our new mattress got delivered this morning.  (Oh to sleep on a real bed.  I can hardly wait.)  The only thing left is a dining room table.  Neither of us had one and we now have the space for one.  We’re exploring our options, but we probably won’t buy one until next month.  I think both of our bank accounts need a little time to recover from the shock they are in. 

Not much, but some stuff has been going on besides “moving stuff.”  Saturday we got out of the house and went to Blacksburg’s Steppin’ Out.  It was fun and crowded and we got some sun.  Next weekend we’re going to head down to Floyd.  There’s a fabric shop I want to check out.  Also, I’ve heard so much about Floyd that I have to go see it for myself.  I told you not much, but it’s stuff that gets us out and about so that’s worth something.


2 Responses to “Life, it is calming down”

  1. Lara August 9, 2010 at 6:01 pm #

    Are you going to get the tulip table from IKEA? Is there one down there? I love ours! The finish is much better than I thought it would be! Any type of chair would go with it too! Measure the space to fit through the door and inside your car though. We barely squeezed it in!

    • Nicole August 10, 2010 at 5:03 pm #

      the bf ixnayed getting a tulip table for our dining room. 😦 but! i am hoping to work it in somewhere later. you know how much i love the tulip table, i need one in my life. i’m happy to hear the finish is nicer then expected. sometimes you never really know with IKEA stuff. and trust me, when i get a tulip table EVERYONE will know about it! 🙂

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