100 Things About Me (now with a bonus!)

Let’s do one of those 100 Things About Me things.

Here we go!

1. Something about a blank page makes my mind feel the same.

2. I have been known to tell people that I am an only child. I actually have four half-siblings.

3. I have been known to make up my own words based on my own mispronunciation of them.

4. Two separate, independent people have nicknamed me “Sassy.”

5. I love grapes, but I hate grape jelly.

6. I wanted to be an architect until someone explained all the math I would need to know.

7. I’m a center brain person. Which means I’m Type A in a crafty/arty sort of way.

8. I’ll be the first person to tell you to go to the doctor if you think you’re sick, but I will wait forever to make myself go to the doctor.

9. I am very proud of the fact that I have authored four words on urbandictionary.com.

10. When I was little I stopped taking ballet lessons because it conflicted with my nap time.

11. I have way more crayons than an adult should have.

12. I love wearing skirts. Weather permitting, I would wear one every day.

13. I believe that lunchtime is the shortest hour of the day.

14. I’m addicted to the internet. I feel cut-off from the world if I don’t have access to it.

15. I’m obsessed with making sure my lips aren’t dry. I have lip stuff stashed everywhere.

16. Sunday is my favorite day.

17. I’ve always wanted to learn sign language. I think it’s beautiful.

18. Music is a big part of who I am.

19. I have named all of my vehicles. My current car is called Audrey.

20. A friend of mine pointed out that I seem to have a thing for naming things. He’s absolutely right.

21. Ella, Etta, Billie, Otis, Bublé, Diana, and Frankie are my Sunday afternoon go tos.

22. Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. I kid you not.

23. I hate driving when the roads are not perfectly dry.

24. At some point, hopefully before I die, I would like to live on the beach.

25. I wish it was always summertime.

26. Sometimes I just want to hang out and do nothing.

27. Most times I want to organize things or work on projects.

28. I will never be done decorating my apartment. It’s a never-ending project.

29. I can’t just check my email and get off the computer.

30. I have to check my email, Twitter, blog stats, Google Reader, Facebook, comments on RVANews and my calendar.

31. I hate paying tolls.

32. I have many, many, many cardigans.

33. If sent to a store I can guarantee you that I will buy a pair of flats, a cardigan and/or a pack of gum.

34. I love tea. Hot tea, cold tea, any kind of tea.  Except for chai, I just can’t stand the stuff.

35. Much to my boyfriend’s dismay, I love the color teal.

36. I have been known to steal the socks right off my boyfriend’s warm and toasty feet. He’s like my personal sock warmer.

37. I sleep best laying on my stomach.

38. I’ve been known to store things in my bra.

39. I make a pillow fort around me when I sleep alone.

40. I like milk best when it is flavored – chocolate, strawberry, whatever. But NOT banana. That’s just weird.

41. I make great pancakes. They bring all the boys to the yard.

42. My favorite thing to make is waffled french toast.

43. I like to drink my drinks with straws. I think it makes the drink it taste better.

44. I hate drivers who do not use their indicator.

45. I love Twizzlers.

46. “I love you.” “I know.” Han Solo is an asshole, in my humble opinion.

47. Twitter has shortened my attention span. It didn’t need any help, it was short enough as it was.

48. When I was a kid I was diagnosed with ADD and put on Ritalin. This is when the list making began.

49. I share a birthday with my favorite cousin.

50. My favorite brother is no longer with us. I miss him every single day.

51. I love to move. It requires reorganizing things and doing something new and different.

52. As much as I love the new and different, I must have a routine or I get weird.

53. I have no rhythm. More so than other white people.

54. I cannot understand people with thick accents. Like at all.

55. I hate talking on the phone.

56. I would rather talk in person or through email, or Facebook, or Twitter.

57. I have recently learned to knit. I don’t have a lot to show for it because of some restarts but I am enjoying myself.

58. I run the book club at work. I both love it and hate it.

59. I watch Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas movies every year, at the proper times.

60. I have had the same car for seven years. SEVEN YEARS!!

61. I love working in downtown Richmond.

62. I take pictures of EVERYTHING. I think it drives the people around me crazy.

63. I know the Hip Hop Kids SNL skit by heart.

64. Given the age difference between my mom, dad, my brothers, and Ang, I know a lot of random things from many different decades.

65. I usually pick lip colors that are bright and then proceed to call them whore colors.

66. But they look good on me.

67. I don’t mind going to concerts, movies, or whatever alone.

68. I made my first real snow angel this past winter (February 2010). There’s even video of it!

69. I get the most random songs stuck in my head. Earlier today it was What Would Brian Boitano Do? from the South Park movie.

70. I think Aaron Sorkin is a genius and West Wing was the best TV show EVER!

71. My mom’s maternal grandmother’s family came from the Azore Islands. Why they picked Massachusetts as their new home I’ll never know.

72. My dad’s family were Cherokee Indians from the North Carolina area.

73. I am usually cold.

74. This makes me the worst excuse for a chunky girl, ever.

75. I require being blessed after I sneeze.

76. I have run over many a squirrel. And I’m not sorry for it. They had it coming to them.

77. I once worked for a race track in Hampton.

78. I have a new camera (Nikon S220). It’s aqua colored, therefore, I have named it Aquaman.

79. Up until this year (2010) I have taken myself to see a movie on Valentine’s Day for as long as I can remember (remember of my adulthood, not like ever ever).

80. I like working out. It’s just the getting into a schedule of doing it that is my problem.

81. I’m a bit of a foodie. Or food snob. Depends on who you ask.

82. I never know what to hyphen and what not to hyphen. I also don’t understand the point of hyphenating things.

83. I actually *do* like the wings at Hooters. And the curly fries. And the cheese sauce. And the ranch dip. And the sweet tea. And the grilled cheese. And OMG! this is sooo why I no longer have my gallbladder.

84. I love to go grocery shopping.

85. I don’t mean to but I have many things that are pink. It’s really not on purpose.

86. Thanks to my mother I am pretty sarcastic.

87. I have been part of many weddings. None of them my own.

88. I cannot drive in snow, but apparently I am going to have to learn to do so.

89. I tend to like UVA because of the preppiness. Hello, pearls.

90. My favorite destination is Charleston, South Carolina.

91. I love musicals.

92. I think the world should be one big musical. Singing and dancing and the whole nine yards.

93. I laugh at the dumbest things.

94. I’ve been to my hometown’s museum. Have you?

95. My mom makes an awesome gravy at Christmas every year. It’s like nothing you’ve ever had. It’s a recipe her mom’s family brought over from Portugal.

96. My dad has seen the Northern Lights. I hope to one day. While wrapped in an electric blanket, natch.

97. I’ve been to Alaska. I’ve seen puffins.

98. I love fireworks. I think I love them more than the average person.  They make my heart beat really fast and my eyes stay wide-open until they finish.

99. I took three years of Latin in high school. I remember very little of it.

100. My favorite artist is Henri Matisse.

Bonus!: I am all over the internets.  I put my pictures here (I used to put them here, but I’m in the process of moving them to that first link), I keep in touch with friends and family here, I post random thoughts here, I post random items here and I have a Google profile here.


6 Responses to “100 Things About Me (now with a bonus!)”

  1. Lara February 26, 2010 at 3:20 pm #

    This is fantastic! Can’t wait to meet you!

  2. Trisha March 3, 2010 at 6:23 pm #

    I too have been to Alaska and lived there for 4 years, which is the whole reason we had to separate. I’ve also seen the Northern Lights a few times and even played on a softball team named as such. There were a few other things that are just like me, lol like owning quite a few pink things ( my camera being a big one), and I name my cars. I also love grocery shopping, Hooters food, and wish life was a musical…..Love the blog

  3. homeslice March 11, 2010 at 11:58 am #


  4. H to the Izzo April 21, 2010 at 10:44 am #

    Ha, I enjoyed reading this. We have lots in common.

  5. Lisa September 5, 2010 at 9:52 pm #

    So I just read this! I have to say that I LOLed alot! I remember so much of this from school. The picture taking, the lip stuff stash (EVERYWHERE), the music. But there was a lot I learned. I miss your craziness! You were the first one to give me a shot of Black! That stuff burned and I lied to you and told you it didn’t:)


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    […] I have updated my “100 Things About Me” page.  There is now a bonus item at the bottom with links to all my other internetting.  […]

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