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Fluffy McFlufferson

27 May

The couch of Dan is coming to Southwest Virginia with us.  Dan bought it on Craigslist.  It’s a warrior of a couch.  It’s sturdy, it has a full-sized bed in it, but it still had the original pillows on it.

Until now.

I’m a firm believer that couch pillows should be replaced if  1) they are flat and lost their pillowy-ness; 2) no longer the color/style/look you are going for; or 3) you find something you like better.  Dan liked the pillows.  I was glad of their existence, but not really a fan of their flatness and dark colors combo.  They’ve done their time.  Couch pillows can only take so much before you just got let them go to the couch over the bridge.

I had broached the subject of replacing the pillows with Dan.  He was kind of ok with it, but was hesitant.  He liked the colors and thought they were fine.  My argument was that you had to layer two or three of them to get any sort of actual pillow feeling.

I decided not to worry about the pillow thing until we made our big move to SWVA.  In comes Target.  I was there for something non-pillow related when I came across pillow covers on an end cap.  Fabulous pillow covers that were on sale for $3.48.  !!!!!  Normally pillows run about 15 bucks each.  If you’re lucky.  I had thought about whipping up pillow covers with my new sewing machine, but didn’t know when that would actually happen.  So I was really happy when I saw these wonderfully priced pillow covers.  They had a few different colors to choose from.  I immediately snapped pictures of the two that I thought would look good on the couch and sent them to Dan.  He was skeptical, but I think he’s learned/learning to just go with my crazy ideas because they usually turn out ok.  And I reassured him that if they didn’t look good on the couch then I would just return them to the store.  He said to go for it.  And go for it I did.

I snapped up three orange and white polka dot covers and two orange, white, red and tan striped covers.  (In my dreams, we recover the couch in a tan, sand color fabric.  I can see it in my mind.  It’s perfect… in my dreams.)

While I was at my apartment packing up later that night, I had the brilliant idea of using my bed pillows (that I would no longer need because there are plenty of bed pillows at Dan’s) to stuff the covers.  Brilliant!  Sometimes it just all comes together.

{here they are, the original pillows}

{the new covers, fresh off the clearance rack}

{using stuffing from its original home in my bed pillows}

{putting the stuffing in its new home}

{the new pillows}

The new pillows cost all of $17.40.  SEVENTEEN DOLLARS AND FORTY CENTS (plus tax).  I saved at least 55 bucks on this little revamp project.


Stealing Things (Or, Thrift Store Shopping)

6 Apr

When I shop at thrift stores I feel like I’m stealing. I’m totally paying what they ask, but what they ask for most of that stuff is soooo little. It makes me feel guilty. For example, I went thrifting a few weeks ago at the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Hermitage Rd. and bought the following items:

{two cardies, a 3/4 sleeve shirt, capris}

{an ashtray. more about this later.}

and, last but not least!

{a garment bag}

I purchased all of those items for just under 17 bucks! 17 bucks! I would have spent that much (if not more) on just one of those cardies. Or the garment bag.

Let’s talk about the garment bag for a second. I love the garment bag. Dan and I had just been discussing how we needed one (I think it was more me saying it to him and him agreeing). The garment bag was $3.99. $3.99!! If I had purchased that brand new $3.99 would not have covered the sales tax.

{see?! $3.99!}

So, about the ashtray. This item caught my eye as I was making my way up to the register. As soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. The ashtray became home to the paper clips on my desk.

{doesn’t it look adorbs sitting on the corner of my desk with those pretty flowers?}

While I was there I also snapped a few pictures of stuff that someone else needs to snap up.

{These chairs are fabulous!! If I didn’t already have Napoleon chairs that I love and adore I would’ve bought these. The room I would need in my tiny apartment for them is a whole other issue.}

{Stool anyone? The stools I have are falling apart and I need new ones, but these are too tall for my bar area. They were super cheap, though!}

{I don’t know what the makers of this were thinking when they made this but I think it would be great in a foyer. Paint it and change that fabric out. It could be super fabulous!}

{I’m not really a fan of the table itself, but those chairs are awesome! Spray paint those things some bold color (Kelley green perhaps?) and they would look amazing!!}

Happy Stealing Thrifting!

I’m Swooning over Organization and Young House Love

11 Mar

I’ve talked about my love of Young House Love once before.  And that love is still going.  Stronger still after they posted this and this.  I love to organize things and come up with unexpected ways to store things which is why those two posts make my heart flutter.  I really love how they used something as simple as the back of a closet door to make a wrapping  paper/stationary supply hub.  I can’t wait to see what they do next!

I Have Houseplants. Someone Alert the Presses.

10 Mar

I have such a bad history with plants that my dad has been known to buy me fake flowers.  Seriously.  So imagine my surprise when I brought a peace lily back to life.  (Note to readers: If peace lilys are easy to bring back from death and I actually did no great feat, keep it to yourself.  Please and thank you.)  The peace lily is on my desk at work and has come a long way from when it was passed on to me.  I never had any intention of getting another plant.  I figured I was pressing my luck with the one.  Then blah blah blah… I have lots of houseplants now!  Wanna see??


{the one on the left is a pretty little pink and green number.  the one in the middle just looked cool, all tall and slender. the one of the right is the one I saved from a friend.)

{an up close and personal shot of the pink and green plant}

{an up close and personal shot of the tall and slender plant}

{and, finally, the plant I saved from death – she has pretty peachy/pinky flowers (my mom told me this plant’s name but i totally forgot what she said. hi, mom!)}

I haven’t named all my lovely plants yet, but I will eventually. 

Oh, and in case you want to know about houseplants and which ones are the top 10 air purifiers, I found this handy dandy little article.  I didn’t really think about that, I just wanted something pretty and alive sitting around my apartment.

Bedroom Things

1 Mar

Remember how I said I got some new bedding? Remember how I said I was going to post a picture of said bedding? That’s what’s happening right now. I give you Nickel…

Doing Things a Little Different in the Bedroom

21 Jan

Doing things differently with the bedding, people. Come on!

For the first time in my life I have purchased a comforter that: 1) does not have flowers or a scrolly pattern on it, 2) is not pink, and 3) is not “girly looking.” I purchased said comforter (whom I am calling Nickel) at Ross’s for twenty bucks. Twenty bucks! For a king sized comforter. A Hotel Collection king sized comforter. It almost feels like stealing. A picture of what Nickel resembles is at the end of this post.

Because I haven’t completely changed who I am, I am still a big fan of bright colors. The color comes in with the sheets and pillow cases. While I was at the Ross’s I picked up some super soft jersey sheets in a cream color (and for eleven dollars to boot!). I also snagged some green pillow cases (that we will not discuss the price of). The green is a bright one. It’s like if kelly (kelley?) green and spring green came together. It’s a very pretty color and I think I will enjoy waking up to it.

As for my bed skirt, I currently have an orange bed skirt. I have no plans to change it, unless it looks absolutely horrible with Nickel.

Pictures will happen as soon as I get these items out of the backseat of my car and on my bed.

Oh and in other bedding news!: I bought a few packs of black thumbtacks and plan on attacking my headboard with them as soon as I come up with a Plan of Action.

Here’s Nickel. It’s that color but mine has stripes, not blocks.

{picture source}

"Well, it all started at Grace and Belvidere…"

18 Sep

I am usually, generally, mostly a pretty laid-back, go along with whatever is going on kind of person. I can usually find the bright side and focus on it. Not today. Today is all kinds of bad and funkiness (being funky and being in a funk are two completely different things).

It all started on the bus ride home yesterday. There was an overturned SUV blocking Grace at Belvidere. The bus had to detour over to Broad. Going up Broad during rush hour traffic and then wanting to turn left in front of that traffic is a nightmare. Granted I’m not driving but I had a lengthy list of things that had to be done that evening. Getting stuck in hellacious traffic was not on that list (neither was “take a nap” – that list had it out for me from the beginning).

I finally got home, changed, had a snack and got my stuff together so I could go run all my errands. While walking to my car, I realize that I was not dressed appropriately for the weather. I turned back around, changed, grabbed an umbrella and left again. Leaving: Take II was successful.

I headed over to The Yarn Lounge (which was a little overwhelming) and then the CVS and then it was off to Short Pump (which I usually avoid like you avoid someone with H1N1) and then the Tuckahoe library and then Joann Fabrics (which was mildly disappointing) and then Kroger (thank you baby James for trail mix and bottle water being sold by the registers) and then to a Twitter gathering (that, p.s., I was an hour late to and only stayed for a few minutes because I was in no condition to be around people and be social) and then home.

You’d think the home part would be the end of my evening, but no, it’s not. Once back in Apt. 101 I did laundry (when you live in a 7 story building it’s a good idea to remember which floor’s laundry room you’re using, playing hide-and-seek with your laundry is not fun), made and packed breakfast and lunch for today, packed for this weekend’s trip to Hampton, paid bills, balanced the checkbook, wrapped Angie’s birthday presents, made and ate dinner (at 11 freaking p.m., well somewhere there about, I don’t remember what time it was but it was way too late), took all the trash out, showered and finally collapsed in my sweet, loving, oh so comfy bed around 1:45 a.m.

Today is where the funk comes in. It’s all little things that out of context don’t seem so bad, but string them all together with 5 hours of sleep and you’ve got funkiness. This morning my hair felt weird and wouldn’t do a damned thing I suggested. It is currently being corralled by a headband. The outfit I threw on, with 2 minutes left to get out of the door to catch the bus, doesn’t fit me and I look sloppy and uncomfortable. These shoes are killing my feet. They are the most uncomfortable pair of ballet flats EVER MADE. I had to run a city block to catch that bus I was so worried about. Once on the bus I made the mistake of telling the lady with the baby “aw, what a cute baby!” She then proceeded to roll her eyes at me and shake her head. SHE ROLLED HER EYES AT ME!! What the what? I got off two stops too early to be able to go to Starbucks, unless I *wanted* to be late for work. When I decided “to hell with it, I’ll be late,” I realized that my wallet is sitting on my desk at home. No money, no Starbucks. Co-worker/friend asked if we were still on for lunch. Blink, blink moment. I had completely forgotten (which is not like me) that we were going to Cap Ale for lunch. But I can’t BECAUSE MY WALLET IS ON MY DESK AT HOME.

Can I just crawl into bed and stay there until this cloud of funk takes its leave of me?

In better news, tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Go here and, by the powers!, you’ll be speakin’ pirate-like quicker than you can say yo-ho-ho! (Son of a biscuit eater is my favorite.)