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Pay no attention to the boxes behind that curtain over there

3 Aug

All the moving drama is over and done, and all our stuff has been moved into the townhouse. 

{a picture of the box madness}

Now beings the unpacking.  More on that later.

I went to my neighborhood Target my first night as a new resident of Christiansburg.  I had to pick up bottled water (the Target brand was on sale for $2.99 for 24 bottles!!) and milk (which I forgot to get) and stuff.  One of the things I picked up while looking around the store was this nighshirt.  I have since fallen in love with it and need more.  It’s as comfy as it looks and I don’t feel sloppy in it like I do t-shirts.  It’s sold out on the internets, but totally in stores.

{picture of a slender chick modeling the best nightshirt ever}


I can has a cheezburger now? or, July Brain Dump

26 Jul

Lots of stuff going on, none of it being properly blogged.  This month is testing my limits in ways I never even thought about.

I started my new job on July 1st.  All is well there.  I am learning the ropes and today I even got an engraved nameplate installed on my door.  They can’t fire me now.  Or something.

The first couple of weeks in Southwest Virginia were spent at hotels and motels and I finally could not inspect another room for cleanliness and watch the same 15 channels.  So now I am staying at the lovely home of the boyfriend’s mom and step dad.  They are super nice for letting me crash in their home.  It’s clean, it smells normal (unlike the aforementioned hotels and motels) and I don’t have to do a room check for things that may creep me out in the middle of the night.  This is a good thing because it is getting me used to the drive I will have to make when we move to Christiansburg.  And the early wake up time, which, actually, is not going as bad as I thought it would.  Granted this is me waking up alone and there’s no warm boyfriend to stay snuggled up with so, yeah, getting up in the morning is pretty easy right now.  We’ll see how it goes come next month when we are reunited.

There was a vacation this month.  Pictures can be found on Flickr.  It was great and very needed.  The boyfriend’s dad’s family has taken to renting a house in Chincoteague for a week in the summer.  I was lucky enough to be invited this year.  The house had a pink front door.  Adorbs!  There was surf and sand and the best ice cream ever and very little on the grid activities and shopping and horses and sun and mosquitoes and time with great people (something spending two weeks in hotels and motels seriously lacks) and quite, relaxing time and very little doing of the hair and bathing suits and sunscreen and Scrabble and reading of books and open sunroofs and really good beach bbq and pictures and sea breeze and fish catching and good times.

Sadly, there was also the passing of a grandparent.  Dan got a call that his grandfather passed away.  We left a day early so Dan could get some formal clothes together and head to N.C. for the funeral.

Now Dan is back in Richmond (packing up the apartment) and I am in Southwest Virginia (working and doing nothing).  Hurry up and wait.  That is my motto for the month.

I did get to spend a day with my mom after returning from vacation.  That was really nice.  We shopped, did some computer stuff and had dinner with my dad to celebrate her birthday.  It was a nice dinner and the food was good.  When is the food *not* good at Bonefish?  Srsly.  I enjoyed hanging out with the mother and the father.  Probably won’t see them again for a few months.  They have an RV now so there is talk of them coming out to Southwest Virginia in the fall.

Unfortunately, it all depends on a dog named Willow.  Willow is the dog I picked out at the pound when I was 15 or 16 and declared “of course I’ll take her with me when I move out!”  Yeah, she stayed with the parents.  Willow is about 13 years old.  About 4 or 5 years ago she had melanomia in her gums.  They operated and got it out and she was fine.  A few months ago it was discovered that she had “a growth” in her bladder.  The growth was getting pretty big, pretty quick so they operated.  Turns out she had/has bladder cancer.  Malignant bladder cancer.  Mom is taking her to an oncologist for follow up.  Poor Willow.  She’s such a good dog and totally does not deserve this.

Dan has been great.  He has taken care of most things involving the townhouse.  His last day of work was July 13th so he has had more time to do such things.  I did call and find out what the procedure is for getting water, sewage and trash service, so there’s that.  Also, he bought us these salt and pepper shakers (probably because I went all girly on him when I saw them while in Chincoteague) and that totally erases all the bad stuff.  Right?

And I want to see Despicable Me.  In fact, the last three movies that I have wanted to see have been cartoons.  Take what you will from that.  I reprogrammed my car stereo with Southwest Virginia radio stations today.  I have yet to memorize any zip codes out here.  I know they start with 2.  That’s about all I got.  All our houseplants are sick and dying, all of a sudden.  One that Dan picked out seriously just ate the dust in the matter of a few weeks.  The stalk turned a dark brown/black, the leaves dried up and dropped off.  I guess it just didn’t like us. 

I’ve regained all the weight I lost last year, that’s been fun to deal with.  It’s a combination of this and that and the other thing and snow (I honestly blame the snow, I was doing just fine until it snowed and there was bacon).  Mostly it’s the too much intake, not enough outtake situation.  I used to walk a couple miles a day and then it got cold.  I’m a summer girl and hate being cold.  Therefore, no couple of miles a day anymore.  It’s like no one ever revoked my All You Can Eat/No Exercise Snow Pass and I’m trying to eat everything before someone remembers to take the pass back. 

This month has also been the most expensive month of my life.  Gas, food, hotels, repeat, more gas, clothes because last year’s summer wardrobe does not fit, and blahdy blahdy blah blah.

I think that might actually be everything.  If you’ve made it this far, thank you and good night.

Puppy Fever

22 Jun

Some women have baby fever.  Not this one.  This woman has puppy fever.  I ooh and ahh over every puppy I see.  Having the Daily Squee website in my RSS feed does not help the crazies.

(not really a puppy, but the sweetest, most cuddly dog you will ever meet)

{photo credits: cute puppy #1, cute puppy #2, cute puppy #3, cute puppy #4, Flyer)

Sewing: Potential Projects

18 Jun

First up we have the easy 1-2-3 tote.  I have recently discovered and am in love.  She did a post about a twenty-minute tote that looks so simple I think I just might be able to pull it off.

Here’s a tote that’s a little more complicated (to me anyways) than the first one.

I have a dream.  A dream of sewing a quilt.  The problem is this: I don’t like the standard looking quilts.  They’re just not my thing.  But I could be down with doing something like this.

This dish cover is just brilliant and is making me want to hit up the thrift store for some old shirts.

I really want to make this pouf! They’re so expensive to buy, I just can’t spend that much on something I’m going to put my feet on.

I took a trip to IKEA with some friends not too long ago and bought a pack of dish towels.  Then, a few days later, I saw this DIY on Design*Sponge.  It was the IKEA dish towels sewn together to make a tablecloth.  I’ve actually linked to it before but that was pre-sewing machine.  My head exploded a little when I saw the tablecloth.

Also, if you are a lady and are thinking about starting your own business then you should read this advice.

Before I close this post out, let’s talk about knitting for a minute.  My friend Elizabeth has started a blog about her knitting skillz.  She is super talented and the one that taught me to knit*.  Check her blog out, she’s done some great stuff.

* Elizabeth’s skillz should in no way be judged by my knitting inabilities.

Wal-Marts are not safe and I saw a pretty rainbow

4 Jun

There was a storm yesterday evening.  I thought I would be safe in a Wal-MartTurns out not so much

Then on the way home there was a pretty double rainbow as payment for all the trouble of the storm.  Come to find out double rainbows are so because of this.  Pretty cool, eh?

My mind? Blown. Also, I cried at work today.

25 May

@chicarmoire tweeted a link to a list of the 20 Worst Drinks in America 2010.  You have to check it out.  You will only want to drink water after reading it.

My friend Cristina wrote a very lovely, sappy post.  It made me cry.  At work.


17 May

Change is afoot and coming to a Nicole near you!  There’s so much going on that I haven’t talked about on this here blog.  Some times silence is a good idea.  I’m going to get it all out there now, though.

First, we’ll start with all the new things I have recently purchased.

1) I bought a new (to me) car.  It’s a 2008 Subaru Legacy.  I bought it from the very nice folks over at Mooers Volvo on Midlo Turnpike.  Big thanks to Tom!  It was the easiest car buying experience ever.

2) I got a new cell phone.  But not just any cell phone, a smartphone.  Ooh.  I’m all fancy and connected to the internets now.  After much research (i.e. me picking up display phones and punching buttons) I decided on the Blackberry Storm 2.  So far, I am pretty happy with it, if not a little addicted to it.

3) I was pursuing the List of Craig one afternoon and came across a killer deal (no pun intended) on a Brother Limited Edition Project Runway sewing machine.  I have yet to take it out of the box and play with it because I’m a little busy at the moment, but I assure you that the first free block of time I have will be spent fiddling with it.

Now for the big stuff.

A) Dan and I are moving to Southwest Virginia.  He got accepted to VA Tech and asked me if I would consider moving with him.  I considered it and said yes so to SWVA we are moving!

B) We found a wonderful townhouse in Christiansburg that is exactly what we wanted.  Two floors, two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a fireplace, a good-sized deck in the backyard, a large coat closet, lots of closets (I currently have one closet in my one bedroom apartment, I cannot wait to have proper closets), hardwood floors downstairs, carpet upstairs, a nook area for my desk/craft area, a washer and dryer, a huge kitchen with lots of cabinets, and a parking space for each of us.  Seriously, we could not ask for anything else.  It’s near the bus station and I-81 for me and near VA Tech for Dan.

C) I have a job!  I’m not going to talk about this item more than to say I will be working as a paralegal again and I am so excited about this opportunity!!  The job is in Roanoke, which is about 40 minutes from the townhouse.  Lots of think time in the morning and evenings.  There is a SmartBus that runs from Christiansburg to Roanoke.  I’ll drive the days we have court, but otherwise I’ll take the SmartBus.

D) I’m going to continue to go to school.  Roanoke’s community college has a really good paralegal associates program so I’m pretty excited about starting that, too.  I won’t start taking classes again until the spring semester, though.  There’s a townhouse to get up and running, there’s a job to work and become comfortable with, and there’s a whole new area of Virginia to learn.  Too much going on the first five months to throw school into the mix.

I think that about covers it… I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I couldn’t tell you what.