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Clickity Click Click

10 Aug

Some good things from my Google Reader and real life…

If I were shoes, I would be these shoes

Yet another thing that I am going to attempt to sew

I am super excited to be signing up for a membership here

One day soon I’ll be a student here (if they ever get around to transferring my credits)


The Things That I Do Not Recall

9 Aug

I drive 35 to 40 minutes every morning and every evening to and from work.  So, I’ve got a little over an hour of me time every day.  I usually just sing along to the radio and think about what ever crosses my mind.  I make lists in my head of 1) things I want to do when I get home, 2) places I want to visit, 3) things I want to buy, 4) things I need to buy, 5) people I should call or email, (this is where you care) 6) blog posts I want to write, and 7) things to research for blog posts.  And then I pull into my parking space, open my car door, and forget everything that I just thought about for the past 35 to 40 minutes.  It’s like magic.

I seem to remember hearing a Brad Paisley song that made me want to write a post.  But I forget about what or which song.  Sometimes it is beyond me why I blog.  But blog I will!!  Or maybe I’ll just show you a picture.

This is the stretch of I-81 I drive Monday through Friday.  It’s a very nice drive.


17 May

Change is afoot and coming to a Nicole near you!  There’s so much going on that I haven’t talked about on this here blog.  Some times silence is a good idea.  I’m going to get it all out there now, though.

First, we’ll start with all the new things I have recently purchased.

1) I bought a new (to me) car.  It’s a 2008 Subaru Legacy.  I bought it from the very nice folks over at Mooers Volvo on Midlo Turnpike.  Big thanks to Tom!  It was the easiest car buying experience ever.

2) I got a new cell phone.  But not just any cell phone, a smartphone.  Ooh.  I’m all fancy and connected to the internets now.  After much research (i.e. me picking up display phones and punching buttons) I decided on the Blackberry Storm 2.  So far, I am pretty happy with it, if not a little addicted to it.

3) I was pursuing the List of Craig one afternoon and came across a killer deal (no pun intended) on a Brother Limited Edition Project Runway sewing machine.  I have yet to take it out of the box and play with it because I’m a little busy at the moment, but I assure you that the first free block of time I have will be spent fiddling with it.

Now for the big stuff.

A) Dan and I are moving to Southwest Virginia.  He got accepted to VA Tech and asked me if I would consider moving with him.  I considered it and said yes so to SWVA we are moving!

B) We found a wonderful townhouse in Christiansburg that is exactly what we wanted.  Two floors, two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a fireplace, a good-sized deck in the backyard, a large coat closet, lots of closets (I currently have one closet in my one bedroom apartment, I cannot wait to have proper closets), hardwood floors downstairs, carpet upstairs, a nook area for my desk/craft area, a washer and dryer, a huge kitchen with lots of cabinets, and a parking space for each of us.  Seriously, we could not ask for anything else.  It’s near the bus station and I-81 for me and near VA Tech for Dan.

C) I have a job!  I’m not going to talk about this item more than to say I will be working as a paralegal again and I am so excited about this opportunity!!  The job is in Roanoke, which is about 40 minutes from the townhouse.  Lots of think time in the morning and evenings.  There is a SmartBus that runs from Christiansburg to Roanoke.  I’ll drive the days we have court, but otherwise I’ll take the SmartBus.

D) I’m going to continue to go to school.  Roanoke’s community college has a really good paralegal associates program so I’m pretty excited about starting that, too.  I won’t start taking classes again until the spring semester, though.  There’s a townhouse to get up and running, there’s a job to work and become comfortable with, and there’s a whole new area of Virginia to learn.  Too much going on the first five months to throw school into the mix.

I think that about covers it… I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but I couldn’t tell you what.

It’s 2010 and I don’t have a Rosie yet?

2 Jan

So we’ve reached 2010 and life isn’t like The Jetsons. I’m kind of disappointed. I was looking forward to having a Rosie. You know? Anyway, I was going to post a year in review thing but then I thought 1) I don’t really feel like doing that, it’d be March by the time I finished it, and 2) I’ve never done one before, why start now? But! But, RVANews did this here so I figured that would be my compromise. I would do their handy, dandy little list (oh how I love lists…) and we could all move on. So here we go…

First, let’s talk about 2009…

What was your biggest achievement?

Paying my car off. Seriously.

What was your biggest failure?

I had to have my gallbladder taken out in February so I guess I failed at taking care of it.

What was the best book you read?

East of the Sun by Julia Gregson

What was your best purchase?

My vacuum cleaner. I love that damn thing. I hate, hate, hate to vacuum but with my new machine, I don’t mind so much.

What song will always remind you of 2009?

Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon

What was your favorite movie of 2009?

It’s a tie between The Hangover and Zombieland.

What was your favorite TV show?

How I Met Your Mother. Let me explain. I never really watched it before. An episode here or there, never really got into it. And then I did and it happened in 2009 and so that’s my answer.

Who impressed you the most?

This one is a tie between Dan, who stepped up and had the guts to say something I might not have been able to, and me, because I went way, way out of my comfort zone this past year.

Who pissed you off the most?

Again with the me answer. ‘Tis true, though. Before I impressed myself, I pissed myself off because I wasn’t giving something a try.

Choose one word to describe 2009.


Now looking forward…

What do you hope to do more of this year?

Expand my comfort zone more. Also, knitting.

What do you hope to do less of?

Worry about the what ifs.

Who do you think will be the most talked-about person of 2010?

Tiger Woods.

Who/what is going to make a comeback this year?

Money. You heard it here first.

Who do you want to just go away?

Tiger Woods and H1N1.

What do you think will be the hottest conversation topic nationally?

Money and War and Who To Blame It All On.

What do you think will be the hottest conversation topic locally?

Lack of money to get things done in the city. Flying squirrels. The weather.

What do you hope will happen this year?

All the things I want to happen. But let’s not jinx it by talking about it. Ok? Ok.

What do you hope won’t happen this year?

I hope I don’t gain back *all* of the weight I lost last year.

Choose one word to describe what you predict (or hope) 2010 will be like.


{a picture of me on the first day of the new year}

Let’s Brunch!

30 Nov

On the weekends, I love going out for breakfast or brunch. I generally stick to Weezie’s or Joe’s Inn (and once, one fabulous time, I went to Godfrey’s Sunday brunch) because I know I will not be disappointed. Having a disappointing breakfast/brunch will ruin your whole day.

I’ve been wanting to branch out and try a few of the other places Richmond has to offer but could never think past my regular places when the time came to change it up. Luckily for me, Style Weekly put together a nifty list (we all know I *love* lists) for me. Check it out here.

The places I have starred as priority locations to check out are: Babe’s, The Black Sheep, Café Diem, Café Gutenberg (they had me at pumpkin spice waffles), Café Rustica, The Hill Café, Kitchen 64, Perly’s, Water Grill, and Zeus Gallery Café. I’ve been to a few of these places for lunch or dinner and can only believe that their brunch selections are just as tasty.

Think I can hit them all up by the time summer arrives? Yeah, me either, but I’ll give it a shot.

Thanks for…

26 Nov

my parents who put up with and love me, no matter what

the rest of my family

my friends who listen to me and put up with all my shenanigans

my wonderful, funny, smart, supportive boyfriend

Google and Twitter and the whole of the internets



I’m 50% White (part iii)

23 Nov

Just what you’ve been waiting for… more whiteness!

#43 plays – Who doesn’t like a good play? Or a bad one for that matter.

#44 public radio – It’s local. It’s people you know (well, could know, if you knew those kind of people) playing music you love. I also love the scheduling of the different kinds of music. Jazz in the evenings, swing on the weekends, classical during the day, a little NPR in between. And it’s local. I’m a fan of things that are local.

#48 whole foods and grocery co-ops – This goes with the being a fan of things that are local.

#49 vintage – Recycling at its best.

#50 irony – People that drive their Hummers to grocery co-op are my favorite.

#51 living by the water – I grew up on a peninsula, I’ve been to the beach more than I can count, vacations are usually at the beach, my dad is a captain on a scallop boat, I am convinced there is salt water in my veins. I would love to live by the sea at some point in my life (not happening anytime soon, I know). The sound of the waves crashing, watching storms roll in, seagulls (oh, how I miss seagulls – there are no seagulls in Richmond, just stupid pigeons), going for walks on the beach and collecting seashells – heaven. This quote made me laugh: “Mountain views are also acceptable, but generally seen as a poor substitute.” I suppose mountains have their own allure. Maybe, one day, I’ll find out if that is true.

#53 dogs – How could you not like dogs? They are adorable and, unlike cats, they are just as happy to see you as you are to see them.

#54 kitchen gadgets – I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets. I try to control myself and stick to the Alton Brown rule of thumb: if it doesn’t do at least three things, it isn’t worth space in your kitchen.