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Movin’ on up!

21 Aug

Folks, I have moved my blog to my own web address! Yay for moving to my own address! Also, many thanks to Dan for hosting my new site! (Thanks, honey!)

You can now find me at If you have bookmarked or have me on your Google Reader, please be sure to update my address. Copy this RSS feed address to update your reader with:

Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to do so!!


Let’s Make Some Lists

20 Nov

Things that seemed far away and omigosh they are thisclose, or have already happened

  • my car being paid off (happened!)
  • Thanksgiving
  • the release of New Moon (I’m going to see it tonight!)
    • Things that seem far away

    • Summer 2010
    • finishing my AAS
    • Annabella (it occurs to me as I am typing this that I haven’t really talked about this other than to say how cute doxies are, more to come)
    • Christmastime
    • 3/5/10
      • Things that are on hold

      • my move south
        • oy vey iz mir

          23 May

          So here’s the thing about moving to a new city – it takes a lot of freaking energy and time. But here I am, in my new city, with a lot of boxes to unpack and no idea where anything that I need is located. Everything is calming down and going back to a normal pace. I haven’t finished unpacking but it seems to be coming along rather well. I am so over looking at boxes and wondering “Gee, I wonder if what I need is in that box or that box. Ah well, I’ll just run out and buy a new [insert needed item here].”

          Here are some pictures of the unpacking job that awaits me and my new city.

          Seek and Try to Find Area

          A view of my new city from the Belle Isle foot bridge

          A view from the top of my apartment building

          I’m off to the second Capital of the Old Dominion!

          22 Feb

          I wanted to let everyone know that I am moving to Richmond this spring.
          No, I don’t have a job yet (although I do have some prospects).
          No, I don’t have an apartment yet (again with the prospects).

          What in the hell are you going to do in Richmond, you might ask (and knowing all of you, that’s what you’d ask). Well, for the spring and summer I’m going to be working, hanging out around town, figuring out where stuff is, taking weekend trips Buckingham and Charlottesville and getting ready to go back to school. School?! Yes, school.

          I will be attending J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. J. Sarge has a Paralegal Studies Program that I want to attend. At the end of the program I will be the proud holder of an Associates Degree. The program has been approved by the American Bar Association. In fact, it was the first program in the Commonwealth to be approved.

          My current boss has asked that I stay on until April and I have agreed to do so.

          So that’s that for now.

          Questions, comments, well wishes and any insight into The Fan and Downtown area of Richmond are welcome.