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Pay no attention to the boxes behind that curtain over there

3 Aug

All the moving drama is over and done, and all our stuff has been moved into the townhouse. 

{a picture of the box madness}

Now beings the unpacking.  More on that later.

I went to my neighborhood Target my first night as a new resident of Christiansburg.  I had to pick up bottled water (the Target brand was on sale for $2.99 for 24 bottles!!) and milk (which I forgot to get) and stuff.  One of the things I picked up while looking around the store was this nighshirt.  I have since fallen in love with it and need more.  It’s as comfy as it looks and I don’t feel sloppy in it like I do t-shirts.  It’s sold out on the internets, but totally in stores.

{picture of a slender chick modeling the best nightshirt ever}


Amy Butler, I <3 You

10 May

In my Googling for all things sewing related, I came across the cutest fabric again and again.  It didn’t occur to me to care about who made it, I just liked it.  Then I came across a purse pattern that I thought even I, novice beginner that I am, could whip up.  I noticed the name Amy Butler in a lot of message board posts.  And noticed that I had seen her name attached to some of those fabrics I liked so much.  So I Googled her to find out what all the ruckus was about. 

Now I know.  And now I wonder how I could not have known before.  This is Amy Butler

My love for her is fresh, about 2 or 3 weeks new.  And then I heard rumblings on my shelter blogs that she was coming out with a wallpaper line.  And then I came across this post on Making it Lovely (which I promptly tweeted about even though I’m pretty sure no one who follows me on Twitter cared about). 

And THEN I came across these two posts about it – Apartment Therapy and on Design*Sponge

If you’re interested in buying some wallpaper (which would make me totally green-eyed) go to Graham & Brown’s website.

Crushing on a Couch

8 Apr

I was perusing my Google Reader feed and came across a new post on The Newlywed Diaries.  It had some pictures of home things and then it had a picture of my new amore. 

{photo credit: Anne Coyle in Cottage Living}

Look at that couch*!  It’s wonderful, it looks comfy, it’s a great shape, great lines, and it’s covered in delicious looking fabric.  I have a serious crush on it.   It looks inviting.  I also love that the end against the wall has a lounge element to it.  I want to grab a book, curl up there and read until I fall asleep under a cream colored throw. 

Also, let’s talk about how brilliant the lighting is.  Because the couch fits snuggly into that space there is no room for a table which means there is no room for a lamp.  SO THEY PUT THE LIGHTS ON THE WALL.  That blew my mind.  You usually only see lights hung by headboards, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the same idea used in a living room.  It’s like a whole new world has opened for me**!

*I am very picky about couches I like.  I hardly ever love couches.  In fact, I have put off buying a couch for the past 10 years because I never see anything I like in my price range.  It’s been hand-me-downs and loveseats this whole time.  I dream of the day I buy and pay for a couch I love.  I imagine that I will have that couch for a very long time. 

**Which is handy because the place I’m getting ready to move into (with my boyfriend… !!!… serious stuff, you guys!… but more on the move later) is going to be tight on space so this might be the perfect solution.

Things That Made Me Right-Click

5 Aug

These are the things that made me right-click while perusing my Google Reader this a.m.

Hello, lovely, organized drop area

Hello, beautiful coffee table

Hello, cool paper art


Need it!

4 Aug

I need this desk chair in my life.

A view from the back

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