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A Grateful Plateful

4 Aug

Years ago, I purchased a platter from the Hallmark store.  It was on clearance and had cherries on it and I couldn’t resist.  (If you knew me years ago, you know that cherries were my thing.  They still are kind of, I just have too much cherry stuff so I tend not to purchase any more.) 

The platter is round and white and has a pretty kind of lime/sage green mix line circling it and it says “A Grateful Plateful.”  This morning, I was thinking that “ugh, I really don’t want to be at work, I want to be home doing stuff and unpacking!!”  I then stomped my feet and held my breath like I was 5 years old.  Not so much that last part, but you get my point. 

I am busy, busy at work which I am loving because 1) I am all about making a list of things to be done, and 2) knocking out said list.  And I am busy, busy at home… or at least I will be when I’m not there to just shower and sleep. 

Dan is holding down the fort and handling stuff that needs handling.   I’m at work, working.  I feel like a bad partner.  Also, in some ways, I am jealous of his time at home.  Not in a “I wish I didn’t have to work” way, just in a “is it the weekend yet so I can spend some uninterrupted time unpacking and sorting stuff out?!” 

So where does the cherry platter come into this?  Here:  I was thinking all these things and then “A Grateful Plateful” popped into my head.  That’s exactly it.  I am grateful I have so much to do at work and I enjoy doing it and I am grateful that I have a home that needs unpacking and sorting.  A grateful plateful.  So, no more tantrums, just gratefulness that I have things to do at home and work.  Also, grateful that I have someone to help with the home stuff.  Bonus!!  A grateful plateful. 

That platter is in one of those boxes to be unpacked.  Once I find it, I’m finding a home for it in our home. 

{This probably doesn’t make sense to anyone else, I know.  Welcome to Nicole Land!}



26 Jun

I have mono.  At the age of 27, I have what is usually a teenager’s problem.  The doctor I saw today seems to think I am nearing the end of the normal three week cycle that is usually mono.  I am hoping he is right.  I don’t have time for this and as of July 1st, I don’t have the insurance for this.

Meanwhile, this is the fun that has been my life for over two weeks now.  Enjoy!

{this picture does not do justice to the size my lymph nodes have swollen – think goose eggs and golf balls}

{please note that this is not the back of my throat, but mine basically looks just like this}

I’ve also recently had a very swollen uvula.  I found plenty of pictures, but decided to spare you that visual.  For those of you that don’t know what a uvula is, I give you this diagram.

{photo credits: lymphs, back of throat, yawning, throat diagram}


22 Jun

This is how I currently feel. 

{photo credit}

What is with today, today?

18 Feb

I love that line from Empire Records.  In fact, I think I love every line from Empire Records.  Today has been a rough day to get through.  And it’s no where near over.  No particular reason, it’s just one of those days that suck. Hard. 

Daily Squee is made for days like today.  For a few minutes I can scroll through the pages of utter cuteness and forget that I want to lay down and take a long nap. 

Also, this is my dream living room.   Look at all those Doxies!!  Heaven!  (Well, until it’s time to pay the vet bill.)

knitting, apples, a trip to the middle of nowhere, and lots of links

5 Nov

I finished knitting my first scarf. Yay! It only took a few years, but whatevs, I finished it and that is all that matters.

I have moved onto two more projects. Project # 2 is a pair of fingerless gloves I saw in One More Skein. I’m using a very pretty light grey wool. Project # 3 is a baby blanket for a friend that I’m kind of making up as I go along. It all started with a pretty pale pink wool that I found on the clearance shelf. I don’t have enough of the pink to make the whole blanket so I am going to do a wide border in a dark grey. Both projects made possible because of gift cards my friends Caitlin and EB got me to The Yarn Lounge. I have discovered a few things about myself while knitting; let’s make a list: 1) I love bamboo needles and hate metal needles; 2) I cannot knit and talk at the same time if there is more than one kind of stitch involved, apparently I cannot divide my attention; 3) I get no reading done when I am knitting because my hands can only do one thing at a time; 4) I knit longer when I am watching tv; and 5) I can think about absolutely nothing, my mind actually quiets down and it’s quite lovely.

Now the part about apples! I went to Graves Mountain for their Apple Harvest Festival with my Buddy (my Buddy is my paternal grandmother whom I have never called “grandma” in my life), Aunt Paula, Aunt Linda, Cousin Emily and my cousin’s daughter (is there a title for that? does that make her my second cousin? I don’t know), Ashley. I had a great time and discovered that I had actually been there before. I’ve always had this memory of a creek and a bluegrass band playing by it and when we were walking around, I saw the creek and put it all together. I said to my Buddy, “Hey! I’ve been here before!” to which she replied, “Yeah, I brought you here when you were little.” *That* would have been nice to know before.

I drank cups and cups of yummy hot cider, we looked at crafts and pumpkins, got some apples, listened to bluegrass, and hoped it didn’t snow. Then we went up to the lodge on the mountain and had a very yummy lunch and the best dessert ever. It was some sort of apple cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yum-o!

After finishing up with the fam, I headed over to Buckingham County where my grandfather has a little lego house. There is no cell phone reception at the house. There is one spot on the front porch, if you stand just so, you can pick up a signal. So there were some fun moments standing just so to make a couple of phone calls and send some text messages. I had two days alone and I made the most of them – I finished reading my October book club book, started knitting projects 2 and 3, ate a lot of apples, napped, did some very therapeutic writing, watched The Whole Nine Yards, and generally just stood still for a minute. It was so lovely and I am so glad I took the time to do it.

On the way back to Richmond, I stopped by my dad’s family’s homestead (the house is still standing, for the most part), stopped by the family church and saw the old folks that are buried there, from there I drove over to Scottsville for lunch/dinner at Lumpkin’s.

And now, I give you pictures from my weekend in the sticks…

{Here is my Buddy rocking my first scarf}

{Emily and I in front of the creek I recognized}

{my hot cider and Buddy’s black coffee}






{my bounty}

{the Buckingham house}

{the old house}

{Old Bryant Lane}

blogging fail

2 Nov

I was working on a post

And then I wasn’t

And then I was, but I accidently deleted it

And then there was a piece of pumpkin cheesecake

Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow.

"Well, it all started at Grace and Belvidere…"

18 Sep

I am usually, generally, mostly a pretty laid-back, go along with whatever is going on kind of person. I can usually find the bright side and focus on it. Not today. Today is all kinds of bad and funkiness (being funky and being in a funk are two completely different things).

It all started on the bus ride home yesterday. There was an overturned SUV blocking Grace at Belvidere. The bus had to detour over to Broad. Going up Broad during rush hour traffic and then wanting to turn left in front of that traffic is a nightmare. Granted I’m not driving but I had a lengthy list of things that had to be done that evening. Getting stuck in hellacious traffic was not on that list (neither was “take a nap” – that list had it out for me from the beginning).

I finally got home, changed, had a snack and got my stuff together so I could go run all my errands. While walking to my car, I realize that I was not dressed appropriately for the weather. I turned back around, changed, grabbed an umbrella and left again. Leaving: Take II was successful.

I headed over to The Yarn Lounge (which was a little overwhelming) and then the CVS and then it was off to Short Pump (which I usually avoid like you avoid someone with H1N1) and then the Tuckahoe library and then Joann Fabrics (which was mildly disappointing) and then Kroger (thank you baby James for trail mix and bottle water being sold by the registers) and then to a Twitter gathering (that, p.s., I was an hour late to and only stayed for a few minutes because I was in no condition to be around people and be social) and then home.

You’d think the home part would be the end of my evening, but no, it’s not. Once back in Apt. 101 I did laundry (when you live in a 7 story building it’s a good idea to remember which floor’s laundry room you’re using, playing hide-and-seek with your laundry is not fun), made and packed breakfast and lunch for today, packed for this weekend’s trip to Hampton, paid bills, balanced the checkbook, wrapped Angie’s birthday presents, made and ate dinner (at 11 freaking p.m., well somewhere there about, I don’t remember what time it was but it was way too late), took all the trash out, showered and finally collapsed in my sweet, loving, oh so comfy bed around 1:45 a.m.

Today is where the funk comes in. It’s all little things that out of context don’t seem so bad, but string them all together with 5 hours of sleep and you’ve got funkiness. This morning my hair felt weird and wouldn’t do a damned thing I suggested. It is currently being corralled by a headband. The outfit I threw on, with 2 minutes left to get out of the door to catch the bus, doesn’t fit me and I look sloppy and uncomfortable. These shoes are killing my feet. They are the most uncomfortable pair of ballet flats EVER MADE. I had to run a city block to catch that bus I was so worried about. Once on the bus I made the mistake of telling the lady with the baby “aw, what a cute baby!” She then proceeded to roll her eyes at me and shake her head. SHE ROLLED HER EYES AT ME!! What the what? I got off two stops too early to be able to go to Starbucks, unless I *wanted* to be late for work. When I decided “to hell with it, I’ll be late,” I realized that my wallet is sitting on my desk at home. No money, no Starbucks. Co-worker/friend asked if we were still on for lunch. Blink, blink moment. I had completely forgotten (which is not like me) that we were going to Cap Ale for lunch. But I can’t BECAUSE MY WALLET IS ON MY DESK AT HOME.

Can I just crawl into bed and stay there until this cloud of funk takes its leave of me?

In better news, tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Go here and, by the powers!, you’ll be speakin’ pirate-like quicker than you can say yo-ho-ho! (Son of a biscuit eater is my favorite.)