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I’m Alive. Really.

6 Apr

I have lots of things to blog about.  Seriously.  One day I will actually sit down and type out all the stuff that is running through my head for this blog.  In the meantime, can I distract you with these pictures?

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Link Time

11 Jan

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Texts From Last Night

"a Little, Small, Wee Bear, a Middle-sized Bear, and a Great, Huge Bear"

16 Dec

There’s a new feature on here. It’s over there. To the right. See it?

Check out my postings on Posterous. I mostly post random little things that are too long for Twitter and too short for this blog.

(There’s a The Story of the Three Bears comparison to be made here. Go for it.)

UPDATE: When I moved from Blogger to WordPress I decided to not put this on the sidebar.  I don’t post there much anymore.  You’re not missing anything.  If I start posting there again, I’ll let you know.  Meanwhile, if you want to check out what I posted in the past then go here and enjoy!

Snow Heart

10 Dec

I saw this picture and had to share it. Enjoy.

I’m 50% White (part iii)

23 Nov

Just what you’ve been waiting for… more whiteness!

#43 plays – Who doesn’t like a good play? Or a bad one for that matter.

#44 public radio – It’s local. It’s people you know (well, could know, if you knew those kind of people) playing music you love. I also love the scheduling of the different kinds of music. Jazz in the evenings, swing on the weekends, classical during the day, a little NPR in between. And it’s local. I’m a fan of things that are local.

#48 whole foods and grocery co-ops – This goes with the being a fan of things that are local.

#49 vintage – Recycling at its best.

#50 irony – People that drive their Hummers to grocery co-op are my favorite.

#51 living by the water – I grew up on a peninsula, I’ve been to the beach more than I can count, vacations are usually at the beach, my dad is a captain on a scallop boat, I am convinced there is salt water in my veins. I would love to live by the sea at some point in my life (not happening anytime soon, I know). The sound of the waves crashing, watching storms roll in, seagulls (oh, how I miss seagulls – there are no seagulls in Richmond, just stupid pigeons), going for walks on the beach and collecting seashells – heaven. This quote made me laugh: “Mountain views are also acceptable, but generally seen as a poor substitute.” I suppose mountains have their own allure. Maybe, one day, I’ll find out if that is true.

#53 dogs – How could you not like dogs? They are adorable and, unlike cats, they are just as happy to see you as you are to see them.

#54 kitchen gadgets – I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets. I try to control myself and stick to the Alton Brown rule of thumb: if it doesn’t do at least three things, it isn’t worth space in your kitchen.

Lunchtime Blogging

23 Sep

NOTE: This post is a little more random than usual. Enjoy!

Today is a lunching at my desk kind of day. For lunch I am eating a toasted pb&j, Ruffles and catching up with my Google Reader. I only have 1,000+ unread items to go. Should be a breeze. Or not. I’ve read all the important and time sensitive stuff (i.e. Perez and Twilight Lexicon) so the rest may just sit there for a bit longer.

Summer is official peace out and it’s very sad. There are a couple things about Fall that I’m looking forward to. 1) Scarves. I have a lot of scarves. Like seriously a lot. I probably have more scarves than shoes. 2) … Ok so maybe there’s just the one thing I’m looking forward to.

This morning my bosses had a little breakfast get together to celebrate my birthday. It was actually a joint birthday celebration as my cubemate’s birthday is a few days after mine. We had bagels from my favorite Richmond bagel place (Cupertino’s), fruit and juice (well everyone else had juice, I had a cuppa). It was lovely and very nice of them.

After work I feel like I have a bunch of running around to do before my weekly get together with the Cakes. I have to go to the fabric store and because I’m such a nerd two different libraries. Then it’s off to Westover Hills for knitting and coffee (or a cuppa, if you’re me).

The scarf I’ve been knitting since the beginning of time is almost done. There have been a few dropped stitches along the way, but I just keep on keeping on. It’s my first scarf, I’m not going for perfect. When I finally finish it, I’ll be sure to post a picture.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of the only sandwich you ever need to know how to make…

(Ignore the peanut butter in this picture, the bestest kind is Peter Pan’s Creamy Whipped peanut butter. It’s heaven in a little plastic jar.)

Doxie Love

21 Sep
How could you *not* want one? I cannot handle the cuteness! So. freaking. cute.

Also, I want this and one of these.

{photo sources: here and here}