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I can has a cheezburger now? or, July Brain Dump

26 Jul

Lots of stuff going on, none of it being properly blogged.  This month is testing my limits in ways I never even thought about.

I started my new job on July 1st.  All is well there.  I am learning the ropes and today I even got an engraved nameplate installed on my door.  They can’t fire me now.  Or something.

The first couple of weeks in Southwest Virginia were spent at hotels and motels and I finally could not inspect another room for cleanliness and watch the same 15 channels.  So now I am staying at the lovely home of the boyfriend’s mom and step dad.  They are super nice for letting me crash in their home.  It’s clean, it smells normal (unlike the aforementioned hotels and motels) and I don’t have to do a room check for things that may creep me out in the middle of the night.  This is a good thing because it is getting me used to the drive I will have to make when we move to Christiansburg.  And the early wake up time, which, actually, is not going as bad as I thought it would.  Granted this is me waking up alone and there’s no warm boyfriend to stay snuggled up with so, yeah, getting up in the morning is pretty easy right now.  We’ll see how it goes come next month when we are reunited.

There was a vacation this month.  Pictures can be found on Flickr.  It was great and very needed.  The boyfriend’s dad’s family has taken to renting a house in Chincoteague for a week in the summer.  I was lucky enough to be invited this year.  The house had a pink front door.  Adorbs!  There was surf and sand and the best ice cream ever and very little on the grid activities and shopping and horses and sun and mosquitoes and time with great people (something spending two weeks in hotels and motels seriously lacks) and quite, relaxing time and very little doing of the hair and bathing suits and sunscreen and Scrabble and reading of books and open sunroofs and really good beach bbq and pictures and sea breeze and fish catching and good times.

Sadly, there was also the passing of a grandparent.  Dan got a call that his grandfather passed away.  We left a day early so Dan could get some formal clothes together and head to N.C. for the funeral.

Now Dan is back in Richmond (packing up the apartment) and I am in Southwest Virginia (working and doing nothing).  Hurry up and wait.  That is my motto for the month.

I did get to spend a day with my mom after returning from vacation.  That was really nice.  We shopped, did some computer stuff and had dinner with my dad to celebrate her birthday.  It was a nice dinner and the food was good.  When is the food *not* good at Bonefish?  Srsly.  I enjoyed hanging out with the mother and the father.  Probably won’t see them again for a few months.  They have an RV now so there is talk of them coming out to Southwest Virginia in the fall.

Unfortunately, it all depends on a dog named Willow.  Willow is the dog I picked out at the pound when I was 15 or 16 and declared “of course I’ll take her with me when I move out!”  Yeah, she stayed with the parents.  Willow is about 13 years old.  About 4 or 5 years ago she had melanomia in her gums.  They operated and got it out and she was fine.  A few months ago it was discovered that she had “a growth” in her bladder.  The growth was getting pretty big, pretty quick so they operated.  Turns out she had/has bladder cancer.  Malignant bladder cancer.  Mom is taking her to an oncologist for follow up.  Poor Willow.  She’s such a good dog and totally does not deserve this.

Dan has been great.  He has taken care of most things involving the townhouse.  His last day of work was July 13th so he has had more time to do such things.  I did call and find out what the procedure is for getting water, sewage and trash service, so there’s that.  Also, he bought us these salt and pepper shakers (probably because I went all girly on him when I saw them while in Chincoteague) and that totally erases all the bad stuff.  Right?

And I want to see Despicable Me.  In fact, the last three movies that I have wanted to see have been cartoons.  Take what you will from that.  I reprogrammed my car stereo with Southwest Virginia radio stations today.  I have yet to memorize any zip codes out here.  I know they start with 2.  That’s about all I got.  All our houseplants are sick and dying, all of a sudden.  One that Dan picked out seriously just ate the dust in the matter of a few weeks.  The stalk turned a dark brown/black, the leaves dried up and dropped off.  I guess it just didn’t like us. 

I’ve regained all the weight I lost last year, that’s been fun to deal with.  It’s a combination of this and that and the other thing and snow (I honestly blame the snow, I was doing just fine until it snowed and there was bacon).  Mostly it’s the too much intake, not enough outtake situation.  I used to walk a couple miles a day and then it got cold.  I’m a summer girl and hate being cold.  Therefore, no couple of miles a day anymore.  It’s like no one ever revoked my All You Can Eat/No Exercise Snow Pass and I’m trying to eat everything before someone remembers to take the pass back. 

This month has also been the most expensive month of my life.  Gas, food, hotels, repeat, more gas, clothes because last year’s summer wardrobe does not fit, and blahdy blahdy blah blah.

I think that might actually be everything.  If you’ve made it this far, thank you and good night.


There once was a weather cake

28 May

{the beginning}

{we’ve got tornados, sunshine, pretty flowers, seagulls, and cows!}

{do you know what all the weather symbols mean?*}

{the graphics on the sides and front are courtesy of Mr. Dickerson}

Isn’t it the coolest?  It was the hottest thing in town Saturday night.  (Were those puns intended or not intended? We’ll never know.)

The cake was made by this lovely duo

When we were talking about creating the weather cake I kept saying “and we’ll make the cakes blah blah blah” when I should have said “and we’ll decorate store-bought cakes blah blah blah.”  Cristina thought we were actually going to bake them.  Um, no.  I cannot bake.  And why should I when the fine folks over at Ukrop’s do?  The sheet cake is a half chocolate, half vanilla cake and the sun is a velvet fudge cake.  Both purchased here

Pictures of the actual party can be found here and here.

*Did you get any right?  Here are the answers: warm front; cold front; stationary front; thunder, no lightning; sleet; tornado.

I Turned 27! (and not 28, as I previously thought)

28 Sep

I’m so glad that this got rescheduled because my birthday weekend in RVA was FABULOUS!!

Friday night I met Angie and Judy in Williamsburg for a birthday dinner at The Olive Garden. It was a great time (once they finally arrived) and great food!

Saturday morning I met up with EB and we headed over to the farmer’s market in Forrest Hill Park. There was a nice variety of vendors selling jewelry, pottery, stained glass stuff, veggies, cookies, bread, hot dogs, turkey legs, coffee, clothing items and more! I bought a pretty pair of earrings (I’ll post a picture eventually), EB bought some earrings too and a very cool necklace. I got a cup of coffee (it was Blanchard’s and it was tasty, as always) and some ginger snap cookies. The cookies were spicy and chewy and so delish! The Cracked Egg Bakery is responsible for me eating cookies for breakfast. I left the Southside and headed to Michelle’s over in the East End. I hung out there for a bit, headed to the West End, visited a friend at work, stopped at Wawa for lunch, a little time at the fabric store, headed home, took a shower, napped for a little bit, got ready for bowling! and then headed over to Sunset Lanes to “sco oh ore…” Sandy, Michelle, Caitlin and I had pitchers of beers, rings of onion, cupcakes from the ‘krop and one hell of a good time. I had the lowest scores of the evening (I had a knack for making it into the gutter). It was hysterically funny how bad I was. My “friends” rocked it though. Strikes and the like abounded. Apparently no one got the memo that the Birthday Girl is supposed to win.

Sunday was me meeting Sandy and Catherine at Baker’s Crust in Short Pump Mall for a late lunch/early dinner. The Crust was out of the dessert Sandy and I wanted so we headed over to Cheesecake Factory and OMG! they had Red Velvet Cheesecake and it was worth every penny I paid for it and every calorie I have to burn off. After a little hide-and-seek with Sandy’s keys (who knew there was a customer service center there? I didn’t), we sat on a bench to enjoy our cheesecakes and do a little people watching. Good times. Came home to a sink full of dishes (dishwasher is currently out-of-service) and stuff that needed to be done, I guess birthday time is over now.

{For those of you that are wondering where my parents were in all of this (you know, the people that are the reason I *have* a birthday), I assure you that I celebrated with them, too. I was in Hampton last weekend and we celebrated then. They took me to dinner at Bonefish and then we had cookie cake back at the house. Good times (and good cookie cake), too.}

My Labor Day Weekend

9 Sep

My five-day Labor Day* weekend was FABULOUS! I had sooo much fun! Let me break it down for you, like a fraction.**


Getting to Jimmy: Woke up early (well early considering I didn’t have to be at work), got dressed and all that. Quick trip to Ukrop’s for veggies. Made sandwiches and wraps, finished packing up my assigned items. On the way to meeting point, I stopped at The Sev to get ice. People at The Sev were insane and there was a big thing about food stamps. Finally got out of The Sev and met up with girlfriends (Catherine, Sandy and Michelle). Packed up back of Catherine’s Escape (it was a little like playing Tetris). Headed up I-95 around 11:10 a.m. Pretty much smooth sailing up 95 until it wasn’t. Got off at Dumfries Rd. and proceeded the rest of the way from there. Sandy was navigating, I was reading Glamour magazine. Stopped at a gas station to get more ice and Sandy got these really tasty watermelon licorice twists. Sandy also made friends with a questionable gentleman in the gas station parking lot.

Party in the parking lot: Arrived at concert venue and parked in VIP parking area (oh yeah!). Set up our borrowed tent and coolers and chairs and made beverages. Proceeded to tailgate like I’ve never tailgated before (because I’ve actually never tailgated before). Met a lot of very nice people in Tentville. I’m pretty sure I gave my e-mail address out to some people. They had a very neat cooler, as I recall. Walked across the freaking parking lot to meet up with @WxDan. Poor guy, he put up with a lot and he sooo didn’t have to. Had a rainbow cookie and more beverages. Somehow tailgating came to an end and we ventured to the lawn…

The actual concert: AMAZING! That man puts on a good show! Old stuff, new stuff, stuff I’d never heard (because I only have the one album). There was dancing and fins and the yelling of “salt, salt, salt.” I loved every freaking minute!

The aftermath: We hung out in the parking lot for a bit and waited for the traffic to clear up. Ate some very tasty wraps and had a Cherry Cola. After much discussion with Catherine’s GPS thing, we finally made it to the hotel Sandy scouted out. It was a really nice room and I was so happy to lay down and go to sleep.

Friday: Up early (again!). Breakfast at the hotel. Off to IKEA. IKEA was so cool and I so have to go back. Birthday lunch for Catherine at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Catherine blew the candle out the *second* it was placed in front of her. Back to Richmond. Unloaded the car and napped.

Saturday: Went to the pool with Catherine and Sandy. The water was FREEZZZINNNG but the sun felt lovely. I, for some reason, felt the need to lay on a float in the ice water. The crazy thing is that Sandy actually swam in the ice water. She’s like a polar bear or something.

Sunday: Up late (yay!). Met up with Sandy for late lunch/early dinner at Kitchen 64 (their sweet potato fries are out of this world). Scooted over to Micky D’s for an ice cream cone. Off to Movieland to see “(500) Days of Summer” (odd little movie, I love Zooey but I really didn’t like her character by the end of the movie). Then it was off to Sandy’s place over on the other side of the world to borrow the first season of True Blood and drop off extra veggies from the concert wraps. Hung out for a bit, watched some random tv (disturbing stuff, like a 15 year old that weighed like 400 pounds. that’s crazy!!). Back home. Watched a couple episodes of True Blood.

Monday: True Blood and napping. Seriously. Up late. Watched some True Blood. Napped. True Blood. Repeat.

*Also, what the hell is Labor Day all about? Apparently it’s all about this. Still don’t completely understand the point but I get the day off from doing labor and that’s all that really matters.

**1,000,000,000 points for anybody that got that.


8 Sep

My extended weekend was FABULOUS and I’m going to tell you all about it (and Jimmy!), but first! let’s look at some shoes…

{source: Shoelust}

A whole lotta nothing

10 Aug

Remember how I was going to do this? Well that didn’t work out. But I had already cleared the time off so I decided to go ahead with my day and a half off as planned. Did I have a list of things to do while off? Of course I did. Did I get any of it done? Of course not.

Let’s start with what could have been. I could have: cleaned my apartment, taken the recycling to the recycling center, gone for a walk, gone to the grocery store, painted the various pieces of furniture that need to be painted, caught up on some writing, gone over bills, taken those donations to the Goodwill, finished my art corner (more about that later), cleaned up my desk area, called some people to catch up on their lives, sunbathed and/or washed my car.

What actually happened was more along the lines of: napping (a lot), reading (3.5 books), getting dressed Saturday afternoon and going out only to drive 2 blocks and turn back around, ventured out for real Saturday night to see The Big Lebowski at Movieland with Sandy, a couple of showers, checked the mailbox, made sure Caitlin and Josh had locked their door (they asked me to check), made some meals, drank a lot of tea and watched some movies.

That’s a pretty long post about a weekend full of a whole lotta nothing. Oh well.