26 Jun

I have mono.  At the age of 27, I have what is usually a teenager’s problem.  The doctor I saw today seems to think I am nearing the end of the normal three week cycle that is usually mono.  I am hoping he is right.  I don’t have time for this and as of July 1st, I don’t have the insurance for this.

Meanwhile, this is the fun that has been my life for over two weeks now.  Enjoy!

{this picture does not do justice to the size my lymph nodes have swollen – think goose eggs and golf balls}

{please note that this is not the back of my throat, but mine basically looks just like this}

I’ve also recently had a very swollen uvula.  I found plenty of pictures, but decided to spare you that visual.  For those of you that don’t know what a uvula is, I give you this diagram.

{photo credits: lymphs, back of throat, yawning, throat diagram}


Puppy Fever

22 Jun

Some women have baby fever.  Not this one.  This woman has puppy fever.  I ooh and ahh over every puppy I see.  Having the Daily Squee website in my RSS feed does not help the crazies.

(not really a puppy, but the sweetest, most cuddly dog you will ever meet)

{photo credits: cute puppy #1, cute puppy #2, cute puppy #3, cute puppy #4, Flyer)


22 Jun

This is how I currently feel. 

{photo credit}

Sewing: Potential Projects

18 Jun

First up we have the easy 1-2-3 tote.  I have recently discovered and am in love.  She did a post about a twenty-minute tote that looks so simple I think I just might be able to pull it off.

Here’s a tote that’s a little more complicated (to me anyways) than the first one.

I have a dream.  A dream of sewing a quilt.  The problem is this: I don’t like the standard looking quilts.  They’re just not my thing.  But I could be down with doing something like this.

This dish cover is just brilliant and is making me want to hit up the thrift store for some old shirts.

I really want to make this pouf! They’re so expensive to buy, I just can’t spend that much on something I’m going to put my feet on.

I took a trip to IKEA with some friends not too long ago and bought a pack of dish towels.  Then, a few days later, I saw this DIY on Design*Sponge.  It was the IKEA dish towels sewn together to make a tablecloth.  I’ve actually linked to it before but that was pre-sewing machine.  My head exploded a little when I saw the tablecloth.

Also, if you are a lady and are thinking about starting your own business then you should read this advice.

Before I close this post out, let’s talk about knitting for a minute.  My friend Elizabeth has started a blog about her knitting skillz.  She is super talented and the one that taught me to knit*.  Check her blog out, she’s done some great stuff.

* Elizabeth’s skillz should in no way be judged by my knitting inabilities.

Summer loving

15 Jun

Because it’s summertime, Nickel had to go.  No worries, though, she’ll be back in the fall.

The bf and I were at HomeGoods and decided to see if we could agree on a summer quilt.  [insert laughter here]  Everything I picked out was too flowery or colorful or something.  Just when we were about to give up we saw what would become our new summer quilt.  Yes, there are flowers, but they are manly colored flowers.

What I love even more than our new summer quilt is our newly embroidered pillowcases.  Cristina (of recent curtain fame) has an embroidery machine because she does this and this.  She offered to embroider something for us.  I decided that the green pillows just had to have our Twitter hashtag couple name on them.  How cute!  How geeky!  How pink and green!

Curtains in the Kitchen

15 Jun

Cristina and I finished the curtains for her bathroom which meant it was time to make curtains for her kitchen.  I love the way they turned out!

Remember when…

8 Jun

I realize it’s been hot as Hades lately, but remember when it was the complete opposite?  I do.

{ed. note: for those of you that don’t know, i’m @nicholkola. that’s me falling and making a snow angel… sort of.}